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What should I include for my client? Is it a fixed rate or hourly rate?

How much should I charge?

Is there a cost for the client to hire me to do this editing?

What is the cost of the project? Is it a fixed rate or hourly rate?

The answer is most often something in between and depends on your client’s specific needs, project timeline and the skills you know how to best deliver. When I’m asked to deliver more than one book on a project, I usually include editing and other related services as a part of the project price. A fixed rate is a good start based on experience. When I’m asked to edit more than one book for a project, the price often starts to vary depending on the complexity of the project. The more complex the project the less likely it is to be a simple book and therefore the lower the cost for the editor. This varies depending on the quality of the book, the amount of editing and the other services they may need to do.

Do you have a “fixed” fee for each book you do for a client? Is that the standard rate?

Not exactly. There are editors who charge by the hour. I myself use the hourly rate and do a wide range of work on short-run projects. For my first book I was only hired to work on 2 books at a time. It was a very straightforward 3 book project. I’ve learned that the hourly rate for a freelance editor who is not really qualified for the project is not worth the time they spend editing each book. This is how I’ve been approached by freelance editors who are more prepared to spend longer hours on book chapters than a full-time editor.

The standard rate for freelance editing is a fixed rate and therefore there is no fixed amount you should be charging each book. If you’re working alone and need help with a particular chapter or section of a book that you’re working on and it is not covered by the standard rate you are in an excellent position to set a price you can comfortably justify.
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In my book The Perfect Copy (the first and only book I ever did) I also used different rates for each one of the 3 chapters. For this version I was charged only after I finished writing the book and we were both happy with the finished product. One way to look at any quote is to see if you can compare it to other editors you know. A quote at a traditional book publisher is only the start

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