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When you select a photo and tap the edit button to edit, the edit dialog includes a dialog box that prompts you to select a name.

Step 4 Edit a photo from your phone: From your phone, hold your finger across the center square to open the Photos app. Once you find the photo you’d like to edit, tap the red plus (+) button to select it. The edit dialog box shows you what the user chose, such as the camera’s ISO, exposure type, sharpness / sharpening settings, and more. Tap the icon next to the photo in the edit dialog box and your photo is now edited and ready to share.

What does it mean to “enhance” my photo? Sometimes photo editing is called “enhancement” in the app stores, but not all app stores and websites have the same word. It’s the same “enhancement” that you see on the computer: you add a layer of sharpening with the same brush you use to sharpen your Photoshop file, or add a bit of saturation to the picture with the same sharpener. All of these edits create a result that your original photo would not have been able to achieve. But all of these edits have to go through a photo-editing app and then make it available for you to use. If you see “You may not see this in any photo editing app,” click the plus (+) button at the bottom of the edit dialog box to add your own photo to the preview.

What if I want to edit my photo and not from my phone? For photos on your phone, tap the photo in the photo editor’s preview to edit your photo. The user-selectable photo in the preview will always be the selected photo, but if you tap and hold the photo in the editor’s box, you’ll be able to select an image from anywhere.

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Where can I find this info? The app stores and websites have different terms for editing photos, but the following are common: “enhancement” vs. “enhancement”

“enhanced” vs. “enhanced”

“enhanced” vs. “enhancing”

“enhancement” vs. “photography”

The photo editor in iOS 10

What’s the difference between an application and a web app? On the app store, apps are designed for use by a specific app or service provider. An application can be downloaded and used by any iOS app, without

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