What does editing include?

As a member of the public, you’re in line to help produce the best website on the web. In that regard, there are a number of tasks you can perform on the edit page:

Adjust the size of the page (to keep it manageable);
RAW vs JPEG Format Editing in Lightroom

Change the content of the page (to avoid a long edit process);

Add footers and other visual elements;

Set a “publish time” (how long it’ll be live).

You can’t edit the content directly as pages are typically published as a series of pictures (one long image is better than 10 long pictures). However, when editing on a web page, you can:

Make text bolder (or size up to 16px in width);

Add a small button at the bottom of each page;

Add a “submit edit” button;

Select a different font style for each of the main headings, body text, and footers.

To learn more, view the basic editing page tutorial.

Can I edit the website at my own pace?

Yes. However, you cannot edit more than one page at a time at the same time. So if you edit a main heading, footer, or other visual element then you must wait until all other pages are finished before you edit the main one.

If my editor is working on a separate page, does he or she need to refresh my page at any point?

No, if you don’t like the quality of your work, you don’t have to, but if you feel your editor wasn’t doing his or her best on your draft, you can ask for their feedback.

Also, to make sure you understand exactly what the editor is doing at any given time, take a look on the main edit page to see who’s working on the page. Click on the date when you see them on the screen to see which ones they’re working on.

Can I change the default format on the page?

You can change the default format on the page (the default page type). This is something you can do in a couple of clicks by clicking Edit button.

I’ve read through all my editing guidelines and it looks pretty good. Can I do the edits on another editor’s computer?

We have a very active team of editors, so if you need to help, you’re always welcome to ask! We do provide editing services by phone, email