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The basics are pretty simple. You’ll first create a folder for your edits and your .d3 is for doing anything other than just editing photos.

Next, create a .lrc file to store any files required for your edits. If you’re creating a bunch of edits over a course of time, then you can use a combination of .d3 and .lrc.

If you had any doubts about Apple Watch’s success before (yes, really), the recent launch of over 20 new models has cleared up all remaining niggles and brought what has been a slow rollout to a whole new level. However, the company still has a ways to go until it is ready for general release. With its upcoming event, expected to take place this September 12, and the launch of more Apple Watch models in the near future, we should start to see a bit more about Apple’s wearable device.

We received our iOS 9.1 beta preview earlier this week, and we can assure you, it is quite amazing!

The biggest change to the OS since we last saw it at WWDC 2012 is the introduction of the iPhone 6s to the list of supported devices. This makes the upcoming AppleWatch, the first time that the iPhone has ever been used by the wearable device. Not to be overlooked is the fact that OS X 10.11 El Capitan is also supported.

Although this update could have some benefits that can make Watch apps much easier, the change to the OS still offers a huge improvement compared to existing apps that use the iOS-specific model.

This is because, Apple still uses its own version of the OS for watch OS. This means that there is no need to worry about incompatibilities on the iPhone 6s and newer, or incompatibilities on the Watch OS for older versions of iOS, which means that the Watch will still be able to run any of the apps for your iPhone or iPad that your devices have.

Although Apple is working to get this right for everyone, as the company has to work closely with third parties, one has to wonder if it will be possible to get the Watch installed as a universal operating system, allowing any third-party apps to run on it.
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In fact, when Apple launched its iOS 8.2 beta, it didn’t just let third-party apps like Snapchat, Hulu, Twitch and so forth run, but it also made this possible without using the Watch itself.

This is because Apple will

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