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Most photographers use the Canon 5D Mark II. It has a large enough field of view (FOV) and has good auto-focus. You can also go up to the 35mm equivalents of the SLR and get a reasonably good picture.

Nikon lenses will do most of the processing, especially for the more complicated tasks of editing (e.g. rotating parts of the photos in Photoshop). Nikon also offers the new N200i with the excellent 12.1mm f/2 lens and the new 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. The N series is designed to have better dynamic range than other Nikons.

I personally prefer the Canon DSLRs, particularly the 10D Mark II. I find the D series lenses to offer a better quality of image to shoot and can produce some impressive shots. They are easier to work with and the images are clearer. All of this and the new N300i. This model has a lower price than any other DSLR, so it’s a great choice if you’re a Canon user.
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I also personally prefer to edit RAW files in Adobe Lightroom. I prefer to use RAW images for more accurate color matching and because the images aren’t color balanced.

Can this camera be used for landscape photography?

Yes – it can be used in landscape photography very effectively. The camera is a bit heavy, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the shots in this article being pulled from real life. If you have a light tripod with plenty of space – you could use this for some really interesting shots.

Can I add the lens from an older version of the D series for an upgrade of image quality or just for more shooting options?

Yes, but be warned that there will be little or no advantage. The lens used in a D4 is slightly larger and heavier than the lens used in this camera. You get less resolution in the image at the very edge of the frame and less detail in higher resolution areas.

In the past that was fine; all D7300 owners have had problems with the lens and I’ve had no issues with that. In more recent cameras, though, the newer lens isn’t as well developed and you might find that the D7299 doesn’t have as much resolution as the D7100 did. I think the D7100 still does very well at the lower sensor resolution, but I can see that some photographers would prefer the image

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