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There is no specific class of editing. The editors we create are based on the type of material. We make sure content stays true to the story and our style guide says so. However, you will get to edit content of all kinds including, music, interviews, webcomic drawings, short and long forms, and more.
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What are the requirements for an editor?

To be a good editor, you need to be patient and willing to give it 100%. We have an editing team that will help you keep track of things, help you with spelling, grammar and punctuation, proof reading and much more. We make it a point to have you on set even before you put pen to paper, because we have to.

I’ve heard that you guys only hire for experience and not for any specific level of skills, can you share with us your philosophy about being selective about the types of comics we hire for?

You bet! The main goal that we have is to give someone the opportunity to create art that they want to create. The idea is that you get to do what you love to do in comics, and we’re not looking to tell you what is “good” or “bad.” We’re not going to tell you that a certain comic has to be an “abysmal” comic. The main goal is, if you like the idea of what the comic is like, and you want to tell your friends about it? We’ll let you do that. It’s important to us to be able to listen to everyone’s ideas, so we don’t feel like there’s an inherent bias towards having to say no. If you don’t get what you need to bring the story to life, feel free to turn that down.

As a comic creator, what are your biggest misconceptions about what artists can contribute to the comics industry?

I think our biggest misconception is that because a “bad” comic is out, everyone needs to stop having fun and start making money. This is the biggest problem we have in the industry right now. We have two kinds of artists. First are guys with great ideas but no experience, and they’re not willing to put in the work to build connections, or to be part of an art project that they don’t think can scale. Secondly, there’s the guys that just sit there and churn out a bunch of comics. They don’t care about the art aspect. They want to make the biggest, most expensive, flashy comics that are

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