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They can get a bit complicated on these points, but let’s just give it some thoughts in terms of the general editor. The most important level is the one you want to create. This is basically your editor, your code base. This level needs to have all the code you have right now, plus a couple extra pieces, which are the tests.

There’s a level of testing of the editor itself. This is testing whether every editor dialog is working as intended, whether the code you have in the codebase changes, whether your code tests, whether you can debug and verify your code with the code itself. That’s also checked within the whole code base.

On top of that, it has also been written to be fully self-supporting. That is, the editor itself doesn’t support your code. It’s only about the basic editing tools. It provides a very complete environment to make it easier to write code in the future. It’s fully self-contained and self-service.

For example, the tests can be configured so that they can be run when you do any kind of change, and also when you make changes to the code’s dependencies (such as a fix to your test file that’s required to be run). The same goes for the dependencies that you need to build your code at runtime: it can test them by run-time without requiring a dependency install.

All the data that needs to be stored in the editor for debugging can also be stored in a database: the code will be automatically updated on change and you won’t have to re-download it every time the editor changes.

There’s also a lot of other stuff included that makes the editor more self-sufficient, like autocomplete and code snippets.

You can also define many sub-editors, which are sub-versions of the editor. These can be created in parallel: they are all edited as one big project. They all have some common features, but each contains it’s own own style guide, it’s own development environment, and so on. Each of these editor sub-editors can have its own set of options for a file type, like a stylesheet.

Now, if you’re looking at the top level editor, there’s one thing you might notice: you can have an instance of an editor, or one particular piece of code on one site.

What’s an editor but a kind of file?

Some people might confuse this word

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