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To keep it simple – if you’re in a place without an Internet connection, you’re gonna have to rely on someone else to provide you with the ability to edit this video. However, if you’re not a journalist on the ground (we’ve all been somewhere where no-one in the local press knows you existed) you can create your own video editing package using the YouTube “MakeMyDay” function. This is a super powerful function and can be used to edit videos without an Internet connection.

It’s the most powerful editing package out there… and it’s also the simplest!

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What tools are used?

You’ll need a powerful editing program (Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects), some editing software and your own editing skills, which you can find in a number of free categories on Amazon.

But before we continue in the next article, we want to give you a quick rundown of some of the most popular tools available for editing today – they may be basic tools, but they’re often essential to any newbie to video editing.

The most popular video editing software today (well, at the time we were editing it) is Final Cut Pro, which is sold for $500+ as a paid package.

The other popular video editing software on the market is Avid, which is available for $350 and free.

Avid has the advantage that it is compatible with nearly all the major video editing software suites.

Now I’m not going into detail about editing your own videos, but there is a lot more to learning how to edit videos than simply opening up Final Cut Pro or Avid.

You will almost certainly need to have a lot of knowledge about Premiere (although you will need to learn how to edit from scratch) because Premiere is used to do a lot of what we’ll do in this article. In fact, just as your ability to manipulate video will be the most important trait when it comes to editing videos, learning Premiere is where you’ll start!

We will also be using InVision Pro as an editing tool, and you should definitely make your own learning plan around this powerful video editing engine.

After you’ve spent a little time learning Premiere, you’ll want to expand up to Premiere Pro X – which contains a range of additional editing features, as well as the ability to manipulate your footage in Final Cut Pro and any of the other professional video editing suites out there.

When you get to Premiere Pro X

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