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The simplest edit is to simply move and resize your images. Most video editing software is very responsive to this simple procedure.

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Then there are more advanced techniques. For example:

Image cropping

Trouble shooting the camera

Redistring and resizing your image

Creating a separate black and white copy

The trick is that, when editing a video, the only difference between white and black is in the brightness level of the black image. However, when you take a photo, you’re actually taking a black and white image.

There are many websites and tutorials on the internet that explain this in great detail so I highly advise you to take a few seconds to get an understanding of what the difference is.

Once you understand the difference, you can adjust the brightness of each of the images in any way you need to to suit your viewing needs.

Image adjustment on the web

Here are some image compensation tools that will help you with brightness adjustment on the web.

To help you in adjusting the brightness on all the images so your file sizes are small or the image doesn’t look too saturated, there are 3rd Parties with video editing applications that allow you to adjust the image brightness.

I personally use Adobe After Effects CC, and it’s very easy enough to adjust.

How do you go about adjusting the image brightness?

If you can’t afford to buy one of these tools, take a look at a few of the sites on the net that offer brightness adjustments.

Note however that I did the adjustment on my Samsung Galaxy 5 and 5S because after the adjustment I did notice the image was significantly brighter (although the difference did not affect the quality of the image).

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was helpful to you and you have a better understanding of what brightness adjustment was for us photographers and videographers.

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