What are the stages of editing? – Photoshop Cc 2014 Tutorial Pdf

Do you do all of them at the same time? What are the main areas of editing?

When editing a scene, there are at least two main areas. The main areas are the scene and those sections where you can add a dialogue, insert a special sound, adjust a camera movement, add special effects, etc. The editing is usually divided in 3 zones: pre-editing, post-editing and post-production.

Let’s go through each.

Pre-editing zone is where you set up the structure for your scene, and usually includes:

Setting up the scene

Setting a scene tone, tone of voice, scene size, location, etc.

Setting the scene camera, lighting, and location

Setting appropriate camera position

Setting camera distance

Setting camera direction

Adjusting the camera view, camera movement and orientation, etc.

Setting the camera to the shot location

Setting the camera to the frame

Adjusting the camera focus

In post-editing zone, the most important part for editing is the final image. So, you usually do most of the final editing right here.

Post-editing zone is where you do your final edits including:

Adjusting the scene and other elements

Adjusting special effects

Adjusting audio

Adjusting cameras, lights, composition

Adjusting lighting and camera movements

Adding special effects

Using post-production for special effects

The final image is divided in three zones:

Final area – all that really needs to be done

Editing and post production zone – everything else that needs to be done afterward

Post-production zone – things to remember when working on post-production


Post-production includes a lot of things, including:

Pre-production, including setting the right tone during the recording, preparing the editing room, getting creative with textures, sound, colors

Post-production – the post process happens after a rough edit and needs to be done properly

Special effects – things like creating a fullscreen video or recording a sound

Composing – it is usually done by hand, and requires a lot of skill

Adding special effects – you usually need to add special effects to the scene, such as adding special effects like a live action or video effect.


After the post-production has finished, the edited file

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