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As noted earlier, many publishers will hire editors to help their authors and agents bring their manuscript to market. However, some companies will work with you to develop your manuscript, or with you to edit and/or produce your book. However, the most basic and common type of editing is to review every passage (word, paragraph, note, or even chapter) of your manuscript for spelling, grammar, and/or word choice. When you do this, you may discover an error or two that may have escaped your eyes in another passage or an earlier, more advanced draft.

If your manuscript is in good shape and meets the publisher’s standards, we generally will edit any errors. After you’ve done your work, the next steps are to make the edits so that the publisher can print your book and you can bring it to the public. As a final step, publishers can also order additional proofreading work—including the proofreading and formatting of your manuscript as well as its typographical, typographic layout, grammar, prose and style guidelines—for an additional fee.

But if a mistake has crept into your manuscript, will it be possible to get it corrected, corrected very quickly, and published as quickly as possible? This is, again, a very delicate process due to the complexity of the issues. But I’ve had a number of clients recently who have successfully managed this step (and have a long list of clients who have successfully completed the book editing process. It is not always possible to go the full distance, or even go the whole way, but we have had successful cases of correction and/or promotion of errors, changes, and/or other corrections for which there is no clear way to explain how errors occurred, why they occurred, and how to get corrected or changed. We have had clients who corrected or edited problems they had created in the final manuscript with the assistance of a freelance copyeditor. Most publishers ask for an advance copyreading copyedit to be hired on for their projects, and this will be more often than the client wants.

Many small publishers will hire you to edit a part of your manuscript or all of the manuscript. Sometimes that means rewriting specific passages, sometimes not. We have had cases of publishers who would rather keep a particular word of a particular passage, a sentence in a chapter, or a paragraph in a chapter, than work on a particular passage, sentence, or paragraph. We’ve had cases where the publisher and/or editor asked for the entire paragraph rather than for any

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