What are the 5 stages of the writing process?

The process of writing stories is more than just writing. It’s developing an author and setting them up for success, which in my opinion gives a great writer a great story. You have to learn how to build your story, and then, it’s about the journey. And you have to learn how to write to your strengths.

You have to do research to learn the stories and characters, and then you have to craft and create the character of the story, then you have to set yourself up to succeed. And if I do say so myself…there ARE some who just write the perfect character and are done with it. And what’s the lesson of that? It’s not to go out and find the perfect story. It’s to take one story and do a better job of writing it.

There aren’t easy stories just because people think they are, there aren’t easy stories because one person says they’re easy. What’s important is the right approach and getting it right.

If you are reading this blog and you are reading this blog you are part of something larger, and that something is story-writing. You have this one thing to build, and it’s getting it right.

So when you say it is hard…it is so easy! It’s not something you HAVE to get right all the time, but it is a MUST, if you want your story to be great.

So what are your tips for writing your first story?

1. Get a good editor

I’ve worked with some incredible editors and writers since I began writing. I’ve met an amazing person at Bantam, a wonderful editor who was very kind, who just gets it; that’s awesome. But there’s also a lot we don’t get that make a writer’s life really easy.
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Here’s why. It’s not the editor that is getting you right. Rather it’s a few other factors…

Your audience’s feedback

The editing process takes awhile. So, it’s nice to have the right kind of editor, who’s going to help your story move along. But, it’s especially helpful if the editor is a part of the market.

And here’s another thing, you don’t want to put everything into your first story. You should start slow. But if you’re lucky, you might write a first draft that just works. You don’t have to be brilliant, but if you can get some good feedback on a chapter or