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I recently took part in a workshop called ‘5 stages of writing in 3 words: Writing as a story’, which was hosted by a local teacher in New Zealand.

The workshop covered everything from the very basics: how to set your scene and characters, the types of characters you build, the way to set up the story, where to start reading, the pros and cons of using a scene structure and some general tips.

Once I had read the course, I was amazed at just how fast a story gets written. There are 5 phases to this process.

In short, I’m hoping to show one way of how to speed your Writing Process up, by breaking it down into these 5 stages.

So, before all else here is the 5 stages of the writing process in 5 words.

So, I’m going to start with the basics and work my way up until things get really complex (and maybe I’ll even write about The 3rd and 4th stages). After that, we’ll talk about other techniques for speeding up writing as we go through the processā€¦

The Basic Step 1

Get someone to say 3 words

1. “This is a really good idea. Let’s try this in the story”

2. “That’s an interesting idea”

3. “I do like this idea, but if that’s too far away, maybe the next paragraph should be about that”

4. “This is really interesting, but here is where it stops”

5. “So what? I’m an idiot”

Step 2

Set your scene

1. “So, you are in New York City. You and I are walking down the street and you are talking about your new job, and he is saying how great he thinks it will be and how the weather’s always good for work. You both are laughing and you notice a guy playing ball in the park, and that is when you start laughing and we start having a very good time. So I do think we should meet again sometime when I get out. But maybe not in the park, but somewhere, somehow”

2. “Okay, now lets get to business. What are we going to be looking for?”
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3. “Hmm, well that looks like a pretty good location for us. So, there will be a bar on the corner, an office on the 9th floor so the rent is not too high…

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