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This stage is the most important, so I will try to explain the stages as I would the stages of the storytelling process. Keep reading for the first stage and then see how it affects the rest of the stages in subsequent stages.

Stage 1: Getting Started

In the first stage you are simply getting your idea to writing. Most ideas are very simple and easy, but once you have the first draft you have to try a few more ideas until they feel right for the story and you have a structure you feel comfortable with. Once you get that structure, you need to add elements from other stories around it; you might add a character or two who are important at the end of the story and maybe some background. As you add elements you want to add to the story, the more you add, the worse your novel feels.

It could be more difficult than you think to write something in three acts (3 x 2 = 5) and it could be that the whole story will still feel like one act if you keep adding more and more (like 4 to a point that you have a climax).

In fact, one of the biggest problems with writing a novel is that most people write it in the first act, then the last act just repeats. They may write it for the first act, but end up making it longer if they didn’t finish it in the first act. So I like to split the story into 4 acts and the way you do is to divide the story into stages. It’s much easier to work on just one stage. The reason with 4 acts and each act is because you can see that you have done so much and there are so many parts to the story, you need a big break where you could start again. If you start adding more it makes sense to change it to 4 acts.

So you have the structure of your novel in place, it’s time to add more elements and start writing. One way to help keep you focused is to keep doing these stages of the writing process.

Stage 2: Add The Characters

Once you have the structure you get the idea that characters are important. How did you decide how many characters you need? In most cases you will have 1 or maybe 2 main characters (who are usually a guy and his girlfriend) followed by a few small characters (which may not be main but can have subplots that are important), sometimes more than 4 or 5 characters. How many characters you need isn’t important,

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