What app do photographers use to edit pictures?

For me, a camera with RAW is more than enough. But for the rest of you who want the extra level of image quality, then let your budget for a camera, camera accessories, and lenses dictate the kind of pictures you create. For me, RAW is always first on my list.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I just need to make some photos. 🙂

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I’ve also been playing around with the iPhone 6’s facial recognition system. I have been testing it in two different applications, and each time I successfully take a picture, only after I’ve been instructed to do so. Is this a coincidence? I’m not sure. Perhaps it was just my new software, because no matter how much I try, the camera will take a picture for me, even if I’m not instructed to. I find myself trying to take a picture when I shouldn’t even be doing it for my photography. I’m just going to delete my photo app and install a new one instead.

Hi John,Thanks for writing, my apologies if the answers were a little hard to follow.I’m not sure if we’re all being a bit too specific with the details of each individual case, but I was taking an image for a magazine shoot and the iPhone 6 camera recognizes the face but doesn’t remember to save it to the microSD card.This is very frustrating, as I spend hours trying to get the image I want out of the phone, then spend a few seconds setting it in the camera roll and a few more trying to find the perfect photo to send to the magazine.I’ve tried every method I can find to help – removing any photos from the phone, backing out of camera rolls, and even trying to delete the memory card. In all of these cases, the picture I’m trying to upload gets deleted.This made me wonder:Is it possible that the iOS image recognition process just isn’t as accurate as it might like to think it is? Is there some way to get the system to save an image I didn’t even want it to save, and in which case the photo gets saved as a RAW file, or will it always just have a RAW image (the default)?Thanks again for all your help.

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