What app do photographers use to edit pictures? – Learn Photo Editing Login Hotmail Mail

App Store (iOS, Android)

Instagram (Android, Mac)

Aperture (Windows)

Gimp (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects (Windows)

Paintbox (Windows, Mac)

AfterEffects (Mac)

Avidemux (Mac)

AfterShot (Windows and Linux)

I’m a Windows user, so I always try to keep as close to Microsoft software as possible, especially Photoshop and Illustrator.

Have you used Adobe Photoshop in a while?

A couple of times. I just don’t like it personally. It’s too complex and the presets are often way too specific.

For instance, I often make my photos “clickable” in Photoshop, meaning I’ll set in the top right corner of my photo just what kind of clickable you’re looking for. Then when I click on something, other photos follow it automatically.

It’s definitely better than my old Apple Photo Library software.
Photo Video Editing Software – Corel Photo Video Bundle

And when I’m finished, I use “copy and paste,” which is a little like dragging and dropping something and then going back and resizing things to fit.

I used to use a “save as” button but, well, they don’t really have any effect anymore. They all have a “move to document” button now.

How long has it been since you’ve used a computer?

Since before computer era! My grandfather still uses the original IBM keyboard, which I’ve never seen since.

When did you start using Photoshop as a professional?

When I was eight or nine years old. Dad gave me my first computer for Christmas. It turned out to be a Commodore 64. It ran a Commodore VIC-20 in a little black case that only had one light on it, which was weird at a time when people didn’t think computers could do anything special!

How long has it been since you’ve worked on a piece of professional illustration?

Almost four years! I’ve always been a pretty good draftsman (a term that means you spend many hours going through an illustration and correcting its details), and I work with lots of illustration clients.

What was the first piece you drew to sell?

The first professional-looking piece I drew was for a guy that was building his own house. I told him that he’d have to build it himself or pay someone to

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