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No. VSCO Cam works just fine as a video chat service with VSCO. In fact, the company behind VSCO’s Cam is on its first commercial product.

What is Google Video?

Google has made video chat a very competitive product with its Google VLC player. Google does not charge for the service. Instead, VSCO charges for Google Video’s full features such as streaming (through Google Drive or YouTube), and access to the video camera.

By John Jackson Miller

BBC News Magazine, San Francisco (UK)

The US was a long way off the model of the Great Depression. Now that it is coming back from the brink, is it time for America to make serious changes?

We have had no war or crisis of the sort since the Great War. When we do go to war – in case you were curious – in the first instance, we will do it for a number of reasons.

As we do so, we will have to consider the causes of the past.

One may suggest, for instance, that there was an accident of birth. A child born on this planet in 1920 was an aberration.

He could not have lived to be 65. He could not even have been born if he had remained alive in America.

What would be the implications of such an event on the American population?

A crisis of that size could certainly lead to an enormous number of emigrant children.

Many of these people will be American citizens.

To them the war is a disaster – but the war can be a chance at a better future.

And their lives are not being destroyed, so much as they become part of a large number of human lives being built up around them: one generation after the next.

We can do this so much better than we did back in 1920

What we call prosperity is not really prosperity as we understand it today. We do not build our country from scratch from scratch in the same way that we once did, but from the top down.

Now a new generation of Americans is preparing – not so much from wealth like the late Andrew Mellon nor yet from industry like John D Rockefeller – but from the bottom up, from an awareness that our future depends on all of us working together.

Americans may now have won a war to some extent. We are now rebuilding and rebuilding and rebuilding. With no sign of going on forever.

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