Is there a free version of Lightroom? – Learn Photo Editing Reviewsnap Glassdoor Reviews

At present Lightroom is licensed for use only at Please see our documentation page for more information.

Can I change the interface of Lightroom?

No, the interface is set in stone. You can use any web-based application or your own web-based application to edit, review, save, and organize your photos.

How do I edit my Lightroom results?

If you’d like to edit your results yourself to give them a more personal touch, you can perform manual editing in Lightroom. There are options for manually editing your images in any app via WebDAV or FTP.

When I download a new version of Lightroom, must I download the entire set or just the changes I want?

No. Please check the version number and make sure you have the license that is right for your specific Lightroom use.

Can you export a version of my RAW file for archiving purposes?

No, your RAW files are stored on the device as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF files. You can only export to the device from the RAW files, not any RAW files in the .LRP format.

How do I access Lightroom’s RAW files from my phone?

To access your images stored in the browser on your phone, you can tap the Menu button at the top to access the Image button (top left) to select the photo (or press the Menu button on the device)

How do I find Lightroom’s RAW image previews?

Press the Menu button on the top left of the device or tap View on the top right of the device Select the image of interest.

Can Lightroom export my images to another platform like Lightroom Desktop or Adobe Photos?

You can export your images to a PC/Mac or to another device, but this won’t give you as thorough a preview on any device or format.

How can I save my Lightroom settings to a separate account?

The settings files cannot be saved on your Lightroom PC, your Lightroom Android, or your Lightroom Apple devices. Therefore, you can only save and edit the original set of Lightroom settings, not the setting files.

What do I do if I lose my iPhone?

The iPhone is designed to survive a disaster, so we do provide full user manual to you for all your iPhone needs.

How much do I need to spend to upgrade my iPhone?

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