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Photoshop vector based Photoshop image editing is great, but it’s not the same as raster based images since they can be made to look more realistic

How do I get rid of image noise when I’m using the built in image quality controls?

This is a good question, and usually it’s a reflection that there’s a problem with a specific aspect of how your software handles noise. The best strategy is to turn off image quality controls when you don’t need them (for example when you’re just working with raw files).

Can I use my custom fonts?

Yes. You can make your own fonts from vector files. There is a plugin plugin here that will convert a TTF font to CSS and make it the right size without having to edit the fonts.

Can I use my own images for my images?

You can. You can use any image from one of the image quality controls, but you can’t control the color and quality of the image, it must be built from images.

Can I use an image from my images folder?

Yes, you can. It will convert any image to tTF by converting a PNG or TTF image file directly with a TTF converter.

How do I set up my computer for image editing using the built in image quality controls?

To enable an image quality control you need to add the following lines to your registry:

Free Photo Editor | A Simple Photo Editing Program by InPixio






You’re done!

To see a list of all built-in image quality controls that can be used please see User:Kirill.

Images quality controls

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