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What is the difference? Can you do something other than the simple fill/stroke method?

Q: I love my pencils and the simplicity of working in an image as I can use them to paint in shapes. There’s a lot of information about the different ways to use this, but my question is about a pencil/pencils and how to use them correctly. They’re either a solid color ink or a light, metallic ink. Are pens and pencils different? Why? What is the difference between them?

A: There are many different kinds of pens and pencils available: metallic ink, charcoal, and watercolor (the two are not even related). The one that you’re most likely to have access to (i.e. from a paint store) is the charcoal pen, because you can make charcoal, which gives a very nice light, opaque white. However, the type of ink you use has nothing to do with whether its a metallic or a charcoal ink. So, you’ll see that we’ve covered charcoal pen, charcoal, and charcoal pencil. The only difference between the two is their size (a charcoal pencil can be more limited in ink capacity, whereas a stainless steel pen might draw a huge amount in ink, but it doesn’t really matter too much).

Q: What is the difference between a fountain pen (Pen) and a “normal” pen? (i.e. the old, “regular” model)
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A: There is a lot of difference between the different kind of pen. The basic rule is that the nib can be either “straight”, which means an angle of 90 degrees, or “curved”, which can be made to be at least 90 degrees. If your nib is straight, you’ll want a pen that has a narrow, “standard” shape (the classic, “Fountain” pens, like Pilot or Pilot Extra Fine, are one of the most common types of pens in this category).

Also, the thickness of the cap or barrel can make a huge difference. If the size of the cap is narrow or long, it’s going to hold the ink, and you’ll end up with a thinner, more expensive pen (more ink means less money). The reason for this is that with the thin, short, and low cap caps, ink is just getting squeezed out of the pen faster, resulting in it “feeling” much bigger. Also, if the cap is low-wobble like on the

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