Is Lightroom good for beginners? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Classic Cc

First question for beginners is this one: Why?

The simple answer: I have always loved to do Photoshop. I’ve experimented with it and made my own presets, and I’ve been using it since my boyhood. I want to get better.

Then why not do what many photographers do, get the experience online? If there’s a way to do it the right way, why not do it instead?

You can’t get a better professional photographer who is a member of VSCO, but you can do photoshop, the most professional program out there as we already know.

That’s very good news that I think.

But let’s go deeper and let’s see why lightroom is so good in the first place.

What is Lightroom?

We have some terminology to work with: RAW, raw files, raw conversion from color into grayscale, HDR.

I think I have learned about them in this tutorial here.

Raw files are the photos you get from your camera.

Raw files are digital.

HDR is more advanced form of color.

There is also HDR mode in Lightroom with it’s advanced options.

To start off with you have a camera, some settings, and some RAW files. Lightroom is the best place to choose the settings you want.


You get control over the color, exposure, white balance, and more. You can actually manipulate them to find the balance you want – which means more control over the results that can be generated. Your photos come out a very different color and tone from your own. You have more control.

You can also see where some settings are to be adjusted. If you have the preset in Lightroom, it will be able to adjust it to help you see where. Lightroom can also adjust the image in post, and then crop on the fly.
How to edit your photos !!!! || LIGHTROOM mobile tutorial ...

There is also a ton of other tools and effects in Lightroom, for example, tone curves, mood lighting, and so much more.

You can choose from a lot of different modes. It does a lot for you.

You can do basic editing, like cropping and sharpening the image.

There are some things it can’t do (that I know about, but I don’t want to tell you about them) like color management, but the presets are there to help you with that.


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