Is Lightroom Classic going away?

I think it’s great for both beginners and seasoned pro photographers with a budget with Lightroom Classic. But it is going away eventually as it is getting outdated. The most important thing to remember: you don’t need a copy of Lightroom Classic to shoot on the iPhone 8+, you just need a Mac or PC running Lightroom Classic. That means you need a Windows 10 PC, Windows 8.1 PC or Mac. So the best way to learn is to grab your iPhone 8+, get a desktop-compatible Mac and follow our guide to get a Mac.

But don’t let those numbers scare you away. They’re all true. There’s no excuse to choose something else.

Can I upgrade my 8 Plus?

Yes, as soon as we are able to make a version of Lightroom Classic for iOS that doesn’t use the older version of the database. This will also include a full set of the Lightroom Classic iOS features in a new version.

Can I take photos with the Lightroom Classic?

It’s an iOS feature, for now, Lightroom Classic supports only standard RAW photos, it will be available at a later date to capture RAWs outside of the iOS 8+ version.

Can I use a Mac to save in Lightroom Classic?

Yes, you can export in Lightroom Classic on the Mac and import photos and effects into Lightroom Classic on the iPhone. If you don’t have Lightroom Classic on the iPhone, we have a Mac tutorial that will teach you how to capture, edit and share photos in Lightroom Classic.

Can I import images from Lightroom Classic to my iPhone 8/8+ with no issue?

Yes you can import images from Lightroom Classic to your iPhone 8+ with no issue. All you need to do is find any compatible photo and import it.

How do I know Lightroom Classic isn’t making my photos “stale”?

Lightroom Classic is not the only app that uses Adobe’s “lens” for storing images. Most of the other apps do too, in fact. To read more about that check out this feature request on the Lightroom forum:

The only way to be sure that your Lightroom photos are actually being updated through Adobe is to run a lightroom scan on