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You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Can I convert my RAW files to EXIF or DNG and create professional quality images using Lightroom?

No and no. RAW files are not currently exported from Lightroom as DNG files, but I suspect that this may be resolved in a future software update(s).

Can I import Raw pictures into Camera RAW?


Can I use a RAW Camera RAW file in Adobe Camera Raw?

Yes. This feature is being worked on by Adobe and we will provide a detailed announcement at a future date.

Is there any built-in RAW import into Photoshop?

The first step in adding RAW images to Adobe Camera RAW is going from a raw RAW camera file into the Camera RAW dialog, as shown below.

Raw Camera RAW Image Import in Photoshop | Camera Raw dialog

I’m editing a RAW Camera RAW image and want access to a preview before printing, editing, etc. What is available?

The Camera Raw export feature in Adobe Camera RAW is available in all versions of Photoshop, including CS6 and later (Mac OS X: Snow Leopard 10.6 or later). If you have a Camera Raw file imported into Photoshop prior to July 10, 2014, Adobe Camera Raw will still be available in the Camera Raw export menu, the same as all other compatible software. However, since Camera Raw is designed to be compatible with RAW files from cameras that shipped prior to July 10, 2014, you will not have any access to the Camera Raw export feature in CS6 or later, and you will not have access to the Camera Raw export feature in Photoshop CS5 or earlier.

What happens if I lose my RAW cameras when I move to a different computer?

Any RAW files that you had in any of the Camera Raw Export programs, including Camera Raw and Photoshop CS, are still available on any of the new versions of OS X, PC and Mac; just as they have been from the start.

What are some camera RAW RAW export programs with Windows versions?

As far as I’m aware there is only one RAW camera RAW export program with a PC version: Camera Raw.

Which RAW files can be saved in Camera Raw? What kinds of RAW file types are supported?

Here’s a list of RAW files that can be saved in Camera Raw:

RAW files with raw sensor data (such as TIFF, JPEG and RAW RAW files)

RAW files that

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