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gimp is a great tool for creating and modifying image textures at the command line. It can also create and modify complex geometric objects such as meshes.

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You don’t have to be a computer science person to understand some of the features of gimp.

As your program grows (or not), you’ll run into problems with the commands that gimp provides. Many people are confused by the fact that gimp has a built-in version of the command line (ie. you can run “gimp src”, the “src” is a directory of images/objects; “gimp dest” or even “gimp dest:src” will output the modified files).

krita is different but you don’t have to learn a complicated GUI to use krita. You will be able to modify images from within krita so there is no “configure” step. There is no need to configure anything.

You’ll use simple commands to create your images and they are all very easy-to-understand. You don’t have to read the man pages. You don’t have to pay attention to arcane command details.

A quick Google search will show you that you have a lot of other applications which use the gimp command line tools.

How do I save my images for use with other programs?

You can save an image locally on a flash drive or a USB thumb drive in your computer using GIMP’s script.

You can save your creations to a GIMP image that you can load later to use it in other programs.

There are 2 ways to save GIMP’s master image:

The default way is to copy the image to your thumb drive

By using the gimp command line tool or using ctrl-shift-p you can copy the image to your image reader and use that image when reading or writing to that object

It is possible to save an image to a file using some common utility programs on your desktop but the advantage and flexibility is that you don’t need to learn another program.

For example, I am not using a graphic editing program or other utility program to save my images to a file.

If you want to save your images to a file (say, “Krita:%f.jpg”), you just specify the location of the image within your GIMP project, and gimp will create a copy of the image to

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