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Can’t you go to the nearest image-processing site and download an image editor (like PSDs with all the prezigned pixels) and just create a new gimp image with the same file size? It’s a lot easier than doing the work your self. It’s also way cool for you if you don’t have any gimp experience (or you’re a Photoshop fanatic who hates that stuff – like myself) because the software can be incredibly powerful and make you a better designer.

For the most part, people make gimp image adjustments (which are then exported to the original jpg image) and save their work in separate files. But what about creating your own gimp image. Is Photoshop really that much better, or is there something better out there already?

In this post I’d like to discuss what I think might be the best gimp image processor for Photoshop. I hope to give someone with no Photoshop experience a chance to try to make some amazing photos, if only for a short while.

To my knowledge, there are no official gimp image processors available for Photoshop. It’s highly unlikely they are even available for Mac OSX.
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This might be a hard task if there are no official gimp image processors available for a given system. So my best guess is to read all of the below and figure out a way to make gimp image adjustments to your original jpg and then export that back using the gimp software. But before learning how to do this, try a few easy tricks to get a feel for the software.

Before I begin, it’s critical you have a fresh jpg image ready. Make sure you have a clean look to your photos. You can view and convert RAW images to your photo settings using the tools in the image adjustment window. This could be a great time for photo school! Once you have this image ready, click the “Import” button in the upper right-hand side. Select the image from the folder you are working in (in this case “jpg” folder). Then click “import image” and wait for the software to complete. Once the software finishes importing, you’ll see a window like this:

I’ve highlighted where the images were exported before and after, with a red rectangle (this is the “New Image” area). As you can see, many of the adjustments I made have been done (not completely, not with all the pixels that appear in the output image, but for a more clean

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