Is downloading Photoshop for free illegal?

Yes. Does it put my freedom at risk? No. Should other people be required to pay for something that they can do on their own? Yes!

And to the man who claims that only an idiot would pay $99.99 for Photoshop that was freely available on the Web without paying anything for it—you can go buy this file. You just can’t legally use Adobe’s software to make your graphics for free, because that would be a breach of the terms and conditions of Adobe’s license.
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On the surface, it looks like the US Senate has just approved legislation allowing people to carry concealed weapons in more places, including the nation’s national parks. The “Carry Handgun Licensing Prevention Act,” which now reaches the floor of the Senate to be debated, is modeled after similar bills that have been passed in several other states and the District of Columbia.

According to the legislation, this is meant to provide security for law-abiding law-abiding Americans while also addressing the threat of mass shooting incidents. The proposed law would also create a separate form of permit to carry on public school campuses in Virginia and across the country.

In the case of Virginia, the new law would grant students an easier route to concealed carry in Virginia schools, which can be a time of great conflict over gun safety. Students are often caught up in a tug-of-war over the rights of students and administrators to safely exercise their rights with firearms at school. In the wake of two mass shootings on Virginia campuses in December, the state legislature is considering more gun control-related measures but that would require a change to the state constitution.

While public schools would still be able to reject concealed carry permits, their policies would allow permits to accompany concealed carry permits issued by Virginia State Police departments. Students at schools with a permit will still have to abide by Virginia State Police policies and procedures when transporting guns, and teachers and staff would be required to carry firearm safes in schools, although the specific requirements for this have not been determined yet. Students who have a permit issued by a local police department and intend