How much is Lightroom? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Youtube Faces

The answer depends on your budget

We recommend a Lightroom Professional license for a couple of months as each license costs less than 1$ which is very reasonable

The Lightroom Basic licenses are free

The Lightroom Standard licenses cost a little more but allow users to import their own images and can be purchased for 2$ per month

A Lightroom Basic is good if you’re trying to get a good balance between features while still retaining a cost effective solution for your photographers

A Lightroom Standard license includes a full set of professional editing tools

For our customers who want everything, then we recommend the Lightroom Professional License

For our customers who want more and can afford more than just the basic licenses we recommend our Lightroom Professional Edition Licenses

If you’re only planning on importing images into Lightroom, please visit the Lightroom Pro Edition Licenses page where you can choose between Lightroom Professional, Lightroom Standard, and Lightroom Basic licenses.

Lightroom Studio and its latest release Lightroom 2.5

Lightroom Studio is not only a professional Lightroom Suite, but it’s also the best Lightroom software we have used in the past.

Lightroom is an incredibly powerful, flexible, and fast Lightroom app, allowing users to get the most out of their equipment.

Read more about how the application works.

Lightroom Pro (Free for Personal Use) is available here

All of our Lightroom products are backed up with our Lightroom Academy, which gives members all the tools they need to create amazing portfolio images, as well as access to our forums where you can get help if you’re having a problem, or help with any other Lightroom related issues.

The Lightroom Academy is only available through our products and is available in two tiers:

Lightroom Academy Pro for $99

Lightroom Academy Standard for $129

Lightroom Academy Basic for $99

Lightroom Lite

If you’d like more than the basic Lightroom licenses, you can also purchase Lightroom Basic for 99€ or purchase Lightroom Professional Plus+ for 199€. These are both available here . Lightroom Basic Plus+ also adds RAW support which is a big time saver when you need to edit RAW files for post-production. You’ll also get instant access to our community forum where you can get help if you’re having a problem.

The Lightroom Desktop Licenses are also available

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