How do you see through clothes in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop Cs5 On Demand) By Johnson, Steve (Author ...
You see through clothes with a brush. It’s really different to paint or draw. With something like Photoshop, there are layers, there is a lot of information that is in there with things like shading, and lighting.

With color, you work with color by selecting a color and making changes to it. When you make certain changes, you are changing the layer. You also make sure it looks correct, so what might look a little different than what someone else sees, is the overall effect.

“Some [paint] can be just too thick, but with [color], you can make things thinner, but still look right.”

If you have a color palette, you work with it, you can change the color, sometimes. If you know colors by heart, you can do that to a certain degree. But most of the time, when you add layers to it, you make sure that everyone’s vision is working in the right direction together. That’s what I use color for.

How do you decide on a color?

It’s a combination of lots of things; it doesn’t go into the specifics, because a lot of things that are great colors are actually not color. I think a lot of the time people have done a job and have a color with a lot of elements in it, that’s not a great color as opposed to the one that they were painting that day where everything was just perfect.

You work in the “what color looks right” mode of the paint brush. If you want something to look nice and pretty on its own, that’s all fine, but once you use color to make something unique and something unique can never be as good as being just a color.

I think that’s the biggest difference from painting, to getting into Photoshop. Once I started using color, it became so easy to do that.

Can you tell me about the lighting setup for your pieces?

First, I use a lightbox to create a lighting situation in Photoshop for my projects. Then I do a combination of different lights, and different spots. Once I know what colors look good together – it doesn’t matter if the colors are the same or not the same – I make sure the different spots are the same color for each of the pieces in that piece.

I think that’s the kind of workflow that works with lightboxes because you can’t ever get the lighting right. You have to change it a bit so that when