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Once I’ve placed your photo into the Photo App and the iPhone has restarted, use the Control (L) icon at the top right of the screen. This will bring up the Control Center menu. Tap the icon for the photo app in the right-hand pane of the Control Center. Using the app (you can find it under iTunes on the left side of the screen), use the “Change Mode” option under that screen to switch between Photos (Photo Editing) and Photos (Images).

When you’ve selected Photos, your photo and any layers selected in the “Edit” menu (the green arrow above) will be shown at the top of the photo in the Photos app. You can also see your layer by holding the bottom-left side of the device, scrolling to the bottom, and tap the layer’s name.
How to Add Presets to Lightroom CC

If your photo is saved to a photo library, your photos will still be shown after you tap the Photo App icon. If your photo is saved to a Photo Stream, your photo will be saved in the Library, so any layers are not saved.

I did a lot of research and found this was an easy way to go from taking photos with an Iphone (or other phone with more powerful memory than the iPhone) to doing a lot of other things. As a result, I recommend this method to most students. Just make sure to do it after you have a better understanding how to take an Iphone video camera photos.


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