How do you Photoshop clothes on someone?

And where is clothing from?

“It’s easy to edit clothes to have the look of whatever you want it to be when you’re the artist on it. I used to do it when I was younger, when I was first introduced to Photoshop, but I went through a huge shift. A lot of the images I’ve done on here, I’m never going to do them again. For me, I’m never going to show them, and the people who have seen them now won’t see them. I’ll always be going out there with Photoshop. I think people need to work with people that are as comfortable with Photoshop and a computer as they are with their artwork. That’s an art form with a really high level of skill. I know a lot of artists who don’t really have that, who are so comfortable with Photoshop.

Where was the inspiration for the outfit that you’ve recently finished the design of?

So, you’re probably going to feel like this is my second dress from a movie, I like making them. They’re always fun to me.

Do you like any of the costumes that have been made?

It’s such a wonderful, amazing world we live in when people look like those outfits. And then you can see the character, and then you can see the way they present that character. It’s amazing. It’s such a very wide and broad world of characters, but there are characters from every country in the world, and that’s just wonderful to be a part of.

When I do my costumes, as usual, I go to the museum at the end and have a meeting with the artist who I’m working with. He has all sorts of stuff that they have, and sometimes there’s a photograph or a photo of him. One particular time I was looking at a picture of a man going up these steps and then looking behind him, and he’s dressed in something so very modern in terms of the shoes, the trousers, the suit, everything, that we thought, well, maybe it’s time we did a dress, where the suit is just the trousers, and the shoes aren’t the trousers, but all of the other elements of the outfit. A dress for a man wearing a tuxedo. He looks so very modern, modern for his age.

That’s fantastic. I can assure you, the man in the photos I just showed, I did not do that. I used to do it when I worked in advertising.