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It’s not hard. If you want to get a high-res photo of your favorite outfit, just drag it onto your phone’s camera app.

Do you use a macro mode?

No, I love the natural lighting. I’ll take this photo in the dark, if I don’t need a lighting source.

Anything else you want to add to your wardrobe?

I’d love something from Nordstrom for the next couple years.

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For the past few days, our Twitter account has been flooded with questions about the “Babylon” incident that reportedly happened at a San Francisco hospital on Friday.

If you’re new to the news, Babylon is the name of the hospital that caused a major stir on Monday when two doctors, Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Jeffrey Beldock, were allegedly fired. Andrews reportedly has been hospitalized for his alleged involvement to the hospital fiasco. The two are accused of intentionally hurting a patient who required surgery and ended up with permanent disabilities.

The incident has also been dubbed “the worst hospital incident” on the Web, even garnering some attention on social media.

The case made headlines on Tuesday after the hospital released an “open letter” to the public. The letter claims the two doctors were fired because of their “personal views,” and that hospital officials chose to “shame” the two for their “unprofessional behavior.”

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We wanted to know for ourselves if the hospital’s claims were true.

To prove our point, we sent the hospital a letter that clearly outlined the medical procedures in which Andrews and Beldock appear to have worked, along with their full names and patient information. The medical staff at the hospital confirmed that the “open letter” is correct, and the accusations were completely untrue.

Click here to read the letter.

To see images of the incident in question, click here.

Click here to read the hospital’s response and accusations.

Click here to read Dr. Beldock’s response, courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle on his Facebook page.

Click here to read Dr. Andrews’ response, courtesy of The Chronicle.

For the same reasons, the hospital strongly denied any claims made by the medical staff that Andrews and Beldock intentionally hurt or killed the patient, Dr.

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