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See our article on how to edit a JPEG in Windows 10.

Do I have to enable Adobe Bridge?

No. Adobe Bridge can be enabled and disabled on a per-application basis.

I think I have an error when selecting an Adobe file.

If you are having trouble with something like the Image > Export dialog not working in some cases, please post a ticket to the Adobe Customer Support site, and we’ll try and get it fixed.

Can I export multiple images for a single export?

Yes, but please note that these exports have to be stored on separate disks. We recommend using an external hard drive that’s larger than the space on the internal hard drive so that your image can be saved in the correct format.

Can I export to RAW or B&W?

Yes, but please note that these exports have to be stored on separate disks. If you have already applied effects, such as DND, in the JPEG, please be aware that some of the settings for this export are different than other exports. To avoid any problems, we recommend exporting in Adobe Lightroom, where any changes made to the RAW export will apply immediately across all RAW exports and will then be applied to the JPEG.

I want the highest quality image. Can I use this in Windows 10?

Yes. You can select a quality from the Image menu. However, to save image quality at full quality, you will also have the option to import into RAW. The RAW Export will have lower quality image because you will not be saving the original image to B&W when exporting.
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I have an image that looks fine before I export it, why does it look different when I export it?

When using an imported Image as an import image, some settings for the image (like the gamma curve) need to be applied before exporting to RAW. While these presets should be applied after you have exported your JPEG image, not before.

Please use the same file size in the import and export.

If your export needs an extra layer if you have more than 32 pixels per color channel (RGB) in your JPEG image, please make sure to export this extra layer separately in JPEG.

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