How can I edit photos for free?

There are many ways in which you can get free digital photos and videos from the web. The simplest and most secure way is to download from Pixbay using their downloader. They offer many professional and popular images, including some that are royalty-free (like the first part of this tutorial) yet they charge for their image collections. You should be able to upload this image free of cost to sites like Pixbay which have free photo sharing tools (like this one) to which you can give attribution and make money with. You can also sell these digital photos and videos on your own site.

If you want to avoid the hassle of buying images from them, you can upload pictures to your favourite free image hosting website, then upload images to Photobucket as a part of the gallery. You can even save your files as PDF so you can use them for your business blog or site. This way you can sell all your images for a nice monthly fee. However, I prefer not to upload on other services because the amount of personal information is a bit higher. You can access an amazing amount of images that are royalty-free and are available for download. Read my previous tutorials in this series to learn about these tools.

Do you have any other freebie ideas or would you like to add any in future?

Do you have any other freebie ideas or would you like to add any in future? Let us know in the comments below!

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FORTUNE — The most influential group of investors in technology, venture capital, and other startups is a huge, shadowy, but immensely valuable, force: the Silicon Valley investor class. This group is more powerful than it looks, since it can hire and fire its way to political power, has billions at its disposal, and is largely unregulated. For years it’s worked hard to bring political power to its ranks, helping them shape public policy at the expense of small and medium-sized companies, and to influence every element of the tech industry — from startups to products to the legal system.

In that vacuum, startups have had to struggle to get traction. The latest example came Tuesday from a startup called BitPay, with one-sixth of the market’s bitcoin processing volume. It had to fight for