How can I edit my photos like a photographer?

You can choose to use the Camera Roll in Instagram Stories, but that’s not always a perfect fit. You can choose to use the Camera Roll in Instagram by tapping the share icon in Instagram, selecting Edit Story, and then choosing Photo Roll, then Select Camera Roll. You also have the option of selecting the Camera Roll from the Camera Roll section of Profile.

You can also create your own Camera Roll, so you can edit your photos on their own. Just choose Edit Story from the main menu in the Camera Roll.

Can I share photos over other networks (e.g. Skype, Facebook)?

No; there just isn’t enough room in some networks, and not sharing over email is just too limiting.

Do I need to use Instagram’s share icon in the Stories app?

No, you can share photos just by long-pressing (top right) a photo and selecting Share.

Can I see the images from Facebook on my Instagram wall?

Unfortunately, no. Photos from Facebook come back as normal Photos, and no sharing (including by the Instagram share icon) is possible in the Facebook feed.

What happens when I choose to view my photos on Instagram from another network (e.g. Skype)?

You’ll be given an option to share your photos, but you won’t see them in your photos app. So for example, you’ll see no images from Facebook as the video button is in a different location. But if you tap on the photo in a different app, the photo will be in that app. You can see this when you tap on photos from WhatsApp as a normal photo.

Do I have to tap the share icon in the main Instagram app before the images appear on my Instagram wall?

No; you can always tap the share icon on the main apps screen.

Can you share photos in multiple Instagram apps?

Yes. You can choose to share photos in all your Instagram apps including Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and even Twitter.

Can I move images to another mobile phone/app besides the phone/app on which I have the photos?

Yes, but you have to use the Share icon once on each and every Instagram app in order to share from multiple apps. And yes, you can even make a photo shared on Facebook appear on any other social app.

Can Photos from Instagram be transferred to a third-party messaging app?

Again, yes.