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1) First off, you need to download the free Creative Cloud Application. Download it at

It was a very strange evening. My wife and I had arrived in Los Angeles, and headed off on a cruise to a nice little California beach. It wasn’t much fun – it was a very warm day with a moderate level of humidity, but we had to be very precise with our sunscreen and that was about all that we could do, because the water was very warm. I guess it has to be quite warm, because I could feel my neck getting hot as I watched our cruise ship sail by. After a brief talk to the ship’s captain about what we would do in case of an icebreaker or cruise ship coming that would stop short of us, my wife and I stepped up and started hiking up towards the cliffs. The hike wasn’t very nice – although the trail is pretty long, it really was just wide paths all the way up to a very steep drop down to the shore. We made it to the top, and then we began to cool ourselves down by watching some nice sunset over the beautiful water.

There were few people there – one or two of the young couples, and a couple of others taking pics on their cell phones. It seems like a big group there, but we weren’t able to hear them talk much – we did however make out the names of the ones that were talking to us, but it was too noisy for us to make out their names. I guess it’s quite common for people to talk in groups, but I was still a little bit wary about this. After a couple of hours of hiking, we made a pit stop at some kind of diner.

The place itself looked nice and nice – so nice, in fact, that it actually took about 10 minutes for the entire diner to change into its daily food routine – but there was one thing – that was so much better than the others, it just had to be my wife’s favorite place. It would turn out to be the only place that we could eat that evening. The waiter brought us a couple of plates full of fried doughnuts and ice cream – of course those were out of the ordinary, but the flavors and the texture are just so fantastic. The ice cream is actually my favorite of all of the ice cream products they sell – I never have anything but that flavor. The fried doughnuts were great, too

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