How can digital images be manipulated? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Lightroom Classic Cc

There are ways to add a layer of depth, which then appears at different times through the entire image. This is done by using filters, post-processing and other techniques, and as the depth increases, these extra layers of image information on the original picture fade out, leaving only the original image.

What’s your favorite example of depth effect?

I am not an expert at photography by any means. I am a very experienced film and TV cinematographer. But I’d say I’m a pretty good digital wizard.

How could someone possibly do the job you’ve done? Do you ever think you’ll see someone else do this job?
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No. I believe only a very high-tech wizard can do what I’ve done. And because I’m so well-versed in the art of digital manipulation, it’s no wonder that people have asked me, and other photographers, to do some of the work.

Which part of your work or project are you most proud of?

Of course, the photo of my son’s first Christmas. When I first took this picture, I didn’t expect to get my son to go through the day with his smile. Then, that smile, and the excitement of the moment that he made his first gift to his mom, who was a little bit behind on what she had purchased for him.

Who’s the funniest person on Facebook?

It takes a special kind of comedian for me to laugh with the person on my Facebook wall. They’re funny, they’re smart, and they’re just fun. My personal favorite is Chris Colfer, who I have a number of photographs of, as well as an occasional photograph of my daughter Emily.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen or done?

I was in a group of five men who rode motorcycles through my backyard, which is a rural neighborhood in northern Texas. They had a camper to keep them company, and I had just bought a camper for my kids; that is, one for them but one for me, so they could see how it was done.

When they were riding through my backyard, one of my sons, age 5, stood up on the camper and asked, “Mommy, why do we ride?” He really got his point across, and he seemed to like me; he wanted to come and help me with the construction project.

When I looked out the camper’s window, there were two

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