Do I need Photoshop if I have Lightroom? – What Are The Stages Of Editing

In this tutorial, I will show you how to take a large photograph in Lightroom with your DNG’s. You have the chance to save some nice quality images in these types of projects. This tutorial was based on the pictures in the post “7 Best Software for Digital Albums” by @GusMcBride.

The idea behind this image is to take a series of photos of a dog to be used as a promotional photograph. It will have the same quality as the original photo, but will be shown with a unique “print-ready” look.

This image needs to be saved on your computer, as the quality of the original picture is no way to achieve.

This is what I did in Photoshop:

1. Make a new copy of the original image.

2. Save this new image as a jpeg (for example 300 dpi)

3. Set this image at 300ppi in Adobe Flash (or whatever your flash card or photo editing program allows).

4. In Photoshop…

To make a digital painting. I use an old-fashioned brush with a dark brush to make a soft brush. I then give each point of my canvas a nice, round brush stroke, making the canvas a bit of a mess.

First, I want to be sure to add any details like a smile that I will not be able to achieve in Adobe Photoshop.

Once this is done, Photoshop will create the brush strokes for me. If you are really wanting to “fix” them, you can simply select all the strokes and apply a different layer mask. After doing this a couple of times, it allows you to remove parts of the image you did not want to see. You can also simply create a duplicate of the original and move around the brush strokes to improve your painting the way you want it to be.

Next on the list…

5. Select each layer of the picture

6. Set the Brush type to “Curve Blend”

7. Set the Brush size to 3/8

8. Fill in the areas where you want to paint a smile on the dog. I will put these with the brush in my Paint Bucket and brush over them to “fix” the areas. It may look like I have just left the brush strokes alone.

9. Next, I will start painting areas of the dog. I use this method to work on individual parts of the image so

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