Do all photographers use Photoshop?

Yes, all photographers are still photographers. But even if all photographers are using Photoshop, you’ll still need to purchase a RAW camera or computer and invest in some sort of RAW converter to get the best photo quality possible without having to spend an arm and a leg in the darkroom.

Is there anything you’d add to this guide?

I’m not a photographer by trade and I’ve chosen the photos for this guide because I think they’re interesting to others. If you know more about me and my style, please let me know in the comments!

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This is the second part of a two-part series

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The second part will be posted on a weekday at 1:30pm. If I find it easier to respond to a PM, I’ll post that.

The second part will be posted in English, since I like to read English.

The reason for this question is because there’s a bug in the code where certain commands are being interpreted as modifiers. For example, a command would read “/b” if you meant, to show all buffs but to make it so the damage indicator is the first buff with a lower status bar.

I don’t use this issue (nor do I know anyone who does) with other commands since it’s trivial to add or remove command modifiers, so please bear with me since it is just a small problem I’m sure we’ll all get used to in a bit. Here’s an example:

/setglobal game_player_minimap 0/setglobal game_player_maximap 1

The only thing the command is actually changing is the minibar display, so I don’t think this bug has anything to do with other commands that depend on minimap.

So, why do I see the following? “game_player_maximap: 1” is reading as /setgimap maximap=1 and I suppose you can think of the “1” as the “active” modifier and the “0” as the “inactive” modifier.

If I wanted to remove the current maximap, I would edit game_player_minimap to be “/setgimap 0” so it only reads “game_player_minimap: 0” and not “game_player_maximap : 1”. Then I could use the same command to change the