Which is the best guitar under 5000? – Playing Guitar Tutorial

The best guitar under 5000 has got to be a Martin D-35 with a single humbucker – because of a number of reasons, I can’t even begin to list them all, but these are the two main ones: The Martin D-35 (and later D-35 Super and V-15) is just a solid guitar with no unnecessary features. The tone is very tight. I don’t recommend having humbuckers with single humbuckers unless you want a tight tone. So many guitars have humbuckers with a single pole, that it becomes almost impossible to achieve a tight, rich tone if you are using a humbucked guitar.

For a super, the Martin D-105 or an Epiphone P-90 with humbucker pickups are better, because they’re more than enough boost for my tone and they have less pickups and less cable – and, the sound is more dynamic, because you have less wiring to deal with.

For a V-series, Epiphone SG/Epiphone ES-500 and ES-505 have a good tone – and these are good for just about anyone. I like to use them with the Gibson G-100’s because they’re super tight and just the right amount of volume, while not sounding as thick as the Gibson G-100 – I can’t recommend these because of a few other reasons.

For an Epiphone SGJ, the Epiphone JX-500, they’re good. And if you’re into the Gibson J-5’s…they’re almost perfect – I don’t have the J5 because they have a little bit too much hum at the bottom end. But the SGJs with humbuckers are very good – and you can put them on just about any single string guitar.

How do I get rid of all my humbucker sound?

Most people don’t know how to clean a humbucker (the tone-sinks are not easy to clean), because they’re buried and under the pickup – but I have found it to be very easy on an amp. You want to take a single coil that you already have, plug the tone-sink of the humbucker into a guitar, play the strings, and remove the humbucker. Just push the pickup out of the bridge, and remove the coil with a screwdriver. Then just use the guitar’s tone control to make it a balanced pickup. After that, you’re pretty much good

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