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The guitar is very much of the late 70s, early 80s, when electric guitars seemed to be in their infancy. Even after it came to be seen as the best guitar under 5000, the electric guitar played a very small role compared to acoustic, and the Gibson SG or Les Paul Junior.

Here are some great acoustic models from the Gibson catalog from the 70s.

Cherry Red Gibson SG/SS

The Cherry Red, the Gibson SG or SG with the cherry inlay, was first released in the late 1970s.

I’m a big fan of the red guitar, especially due to the cool looks.

I love the look of the neck block, and the red paint job on the top and sides; it has such a cool look.

The red paint job on the top and sides is also beautiful.

Cream colored Gibson SG

The cream colored Gibson SG is considered one of the best guitars of the 70s.

You want an SG with cream or matte finish, which is what Gibson used to offer.

If you want to get a real nice looking guitar with a full cream finish, I recommend a Gibson SG-800.

The Gibson SG line is now famous worldwide.

Gibson SG with Maple neck

In 1976, Gibson introduced a maple neck model, the SG-800.

The Gibson SG was so good with this maple neck, that in 1977 Gibson introduced other maple necks such as the SG-600, SG-760, and the SG-850, which were all also good guitars.

The maple neck has a very nice shape with the top, sides and neck block all smooth.

The Gibson SG with the maple neck is now one of my favorite guitars.

Cream colored Les Paul Junior

In 1979, Gibson introduced the Les Paul Junior in the color of cream.

In 1978 as well, the Gibson Les Paul Junior was introduced in the Cream color.

The Les Paul Junior has a great sound, but the maple neck is not very attractive.

However, in the 80s the Les Paul Junior had a new maple neck design called the Gibson SG.

The Gibson SG is a full tone guitar, with great tone. The neck profile is smooth and the top provides a great playability.

The Gibson SG has a huge volume with a very sweet and fast action. The maple neck creates a perfect balance.

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