What song should I play on guitar? – How To Learn How To Play The Guitar Youtube Lessons

Well, you’ve got four choices (but you can really just use these guidelines)

1. “The Shape of Jazz to Come”

This is the original composition written by Lee Morgan, who had a big influence on John McVie and many other musicians, like Sonny Jones. The song is a classic (and we’ve heard thousands of versions of it) but it has a good riff at the end, which is where we’ll start to play the chords to.

2. “Tequila Sunrise”

I really like this song. I got the original guitar part in the early 1960s but it went nowhere because nobody wanted it. So I got a new and improved version in the ’70s and recorded it with a lot of help from Johnny Lee Clary. The song is also pretty fun to dance around to.

The lyrics are so simple and timeless that I always play it in E major in my guitar solos.

3. “Crazy Train”

This song is probably my favorite of the four choices. It’s simple, with a slow melody that has a good rhythm. Like the two chords in the guitar riff, this song might not have the best vocal line, but it’s a real fun song.

4. “Crazy Rock”

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I’ve heard this song done in different styles by countless musicians since the 1970s. I’m always a sucker for something cool, like this solo (and a video of the solo, by the way). I think this might be one of my favorite songs ever. It’s got a very strong blues vibe that makes it really easy to play in jazz.

You can see some of my other favorites on YouTube and on my site. Here’s my playlist of my favorite popular tunes:

What chords should I play on acoustic guitar?

A nice beginner’s guide to guitar chords. Click here.

The key to playing all guitar solos properly is to be able to practice any chord in multiple keys.

A good way to practice any chord is to hold it in your awareness right here — by your left hand and see how you feel. Use your finger tips or your voice to guide you and hear when it’s time to let go.

This is not a trick to learn any new music — it’s simply something you can do to practice any chord.

Here are some links to online courses and videos for learning guitar chords:

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