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– Go down the list. It’s totally your choice. If you’re into a song like “Ain’t Nuthing Me Not Down” and all that, just go in there and throw it in the bag. A song called “What’s You Doin’ Down To” just sucks so bad. I’m trying to not pick these. “Tiny Little World” just makes me cringe.

Did you have a lot to do with your guitar playing as a kid?

A good lot. I was never too good and I didn’t really want to play for a living. I would go and work and do whatever with my guitar (laughs). But it wasn’t like you need to learn a musical skill or something. I played in several bands from the beginning, and when I got a guitar, it would be the first guitar I ever used, just to hear it and play it, and it really taught me a lot in terms of technical capabilities.

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Do you still own any guitars from the early days?

Oh yes, I still have a couple of ’em at home. I used to go out for a couple months a year or so, going to these places where I used to play and go to this bar where they had the most delicious pizzas with all the sauce. I would go in there and order the best pizza in town, and they’d set us a whole bunch of beers, and we could get a thousand bucks from that. I’m like an alchemist of beer.

Are there any new beers you’re going to be putting out soon?

We just finished trying three beers on tap right now. One is our new IPA called Sock Hop. It just came out recently and it’s awesome.

We have an awesome brew day this weekend on Saturday, and we’re going to be at the Pints and Poop Pub. It’s going to be super chill and really great. So I’m gonna be sitting there waiting on somebody to go pick up my beer so we can have a pint. It’s gonna be crazy.

What would you have said to someone coming out of college looking to start a band?

Well I would get a guitar now because there’s nothing else like a guitar, especially if you don’t just use guitar and keyboard on the live shows. The keyboard player is the key, because that’s like doing a full orchestra on stage. But it’s tough to do it in real life. It’s super scary

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