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It varies depending on how you play. To start, some players feel that the blues is too heavy by half bass. That’s ok! However, if you enjoy this song, you might like a little more bass tone to the sound. If you’re not sure what kind of sound you want, try the “Bass” sound. You can use this as a starting point. But just be sure to play the bass line with a slight amount of extra bass tone; don’t use too much. This helps to give the mix a lot of energy. I feel that I need at least a quarter strength note every time the chord changes – I’ve been told this “stops the riff from going away.”

In order to get a little more bass, if I’m feeling like a little bit more, I’ll add four to eight more “Bass” notes. When I add it, I also turn a quarter of the strings down a half.
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What’s your favorite way to play the blues?

The best blues guitar lessons are the ones that you learn by yourself, and you practice them on guitar. If you want to learn how to play blues guitar the easy way, check out “How to Play the Blues the Hard Way” from Joe Satriani.

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