What song should I learn on guitar? – Guitar Primary Lesson

I use the most important songs every day in every class that I’m at. And I think guitar is a great way to teach those songs because you’re working hard with the song and understanding the lyrics. It’s easy to use the guitar in the class and it’s good to have an introduction to the song before you start playing it.

I recently attended a two-week class where we played ‘Passionfruit’ all night long and we went up there three days later and played the song the next night!

Tell me about your guitar sound:

I’m more into humbucker guitars as they are more traditional and more comfortable compared to some Gibson models. As for the tone of my guitar I’d say it is very aggressive with my fingers. My favorite guitar in the world is the Fender Telecaster. It’s amazing!

What is your future goal with music:

My goal is to have a career in music and be involved in a professional setting. I’ve always been creative and this will serve me well in doing this.

You can find out more about Matt from his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have an advice for guitarists out there? Tell me in the section below!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be happy to answer questions as soon as I get time!



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