What key is a guitar in? – How To Play Guitar For Kids

Well, it’s a special key that’s supposed to have three strings, and it doesn’t, of course. That’s a key that’s supposed to have more than six strings, and it doesn’t. So, it’s a pretty silly guitar to get into and one that’s way too loud, even for the way I’d like it to be. It’s definitely the most “hippy” (well, kinda hippie) instrument of them all—for the most part—which is awesome! My favorite ones might be the ukulele, which seems to be my favorite because it’s a pretty easy instrument to play and the strings are pretty durable. I really like the trombone.

Why the ukulele? I like learning new chords and patterns. I’ve been learning the ukulele, and doing it at least four times a week, since I was about ten, so I’ve spent at least an hour a day learning the ukulele since I was about five. Also, I play the ukulele a lot just because of the “dancing” sounds it makes when it’s played.

Why the trombone? I love playing the trombone and so having the ability to play it as well allows me to play an instrument for which I can practice more frequently. (Of course, I have both a piano and a guitar at home right now.) The trombone provides a sort of rhythmic texture, a different sound when played by itself while being played by someone else. Because of this, I feel comfortable doing it alone in the woods sometimes, or with a group—for example in the summer when there are lots of birds flying around and I can hear each of them clearly!

What’s your favorite tree that you haven’t seen before, and why? My favorite tree is the acacia (or “tule”) tree, which is a tall, broad-leaved tree with a broad trunk. It’s a great tree for hiking and especially for camping, because it has some really nice groves of trees all in one place, but it’s also a cool tree, with lots of interesting, strange-looking branches.

What’s your dream instrument? Well, I’m a piano player, and really, I’m just a musician. And I do think that if I were to be told that I wanted to be a guitarist or a piano player, I would have really wanted to be in some sort of metal band

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