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There have been a lot of big names in their lineups over the years. Here are the top 15.

In July 2013, the New York Daily News reported that Hillary Clinton’s office told the State Department to block the release of records relating to Clinton’s official government duties and that the records were to be “provisionally released.” The news report was the start of the release.

In a subsequent report, Fox News reports:

Federal records released to the public show that Hillary Clinton’s office said the State Department must deny a FOIA request from the New York Daily News until at least June 30 — seven months after the reporter, who sought records related to one of Clinton’s official duties, submitted a request — and threatened to withhold more records if the story was not disclosed… Clinton’s office also told the State Department it could withhold or destroy documents from the story unless the journalist agreed not to “publicly engage in any discussion of the subject at all, or of his or her sources,” the Daily News reports.

The Daily News followed up by citing “current and ex-State Department officials and other experts” from both parties, who all expressed concerns about the “exaggerated expectations of secrecy” at the department. In other words, the Daily News reporter should have submitted the FOIA request.

On March 17, 2015, the Daily News reported that Clinton’s State Department had agreed that it would release the materials in a timely manner:

Clinton’s top State Department spokesman said Tuesday the department “agreed that the timing of the FOIA release should be expedited.”

Clinton responded by posting the following announcement:

As most of you are well aware, the FOIA release is going forward as scheduled and will be released as quickly as possible.

As it turns out, the Daily News reporter received a reply from the State Department that there was no agreement between the department and the reporter in advance to make the documents released public at all and that “the Department would not compromise the release of the materials at all.”

This exchange was recorded during an April 2013 State Department email exchange between David S. Kay, the reporter’s supervisor, and Bill Burns, the department’s chief archivist.

The full recording is below:

In fact, a State Department official said the Daily News had “taken a position that they felt was unreasonable,” but Clinton’s office did not agree, so the department decided not to file a protest with the FOIA office because it “didn’t feel

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