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The Beatles’ ‘All My Loving’ (1965). The album peaked at Number 6 in the UK charts and spent 4 weeks at Number 1.

The band’s drummer, Pete Best was quoted as saying “The Beatles had a sound more in between, that wasn’t the sound of a classic band at the time. They were still playing with the swing and groove that defined the band in their heyday.” That was right up there with Led Zepplin’s Zeppelin.

What is your favourite Beatles song?

‘Please Please Me – a song from the album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ (1968).

A lot of the song was written by Paul McCartney, but John Lennon was in command of the lyrics, as was George Harrison. They worked very closely together and when John and George went off for their various solo projects, they kept the songs very important to them. It is no exaggeration to say – there are many, many great songs on the album, but ‘Please Please Me’ is one of the best.

What song comes to you first for any given piece of music?

I like to start with “Please Please Me” because that is so obviously influenced by a Beatles song. But I would like to go with any record I have heard over the years which I like to relate to the main ideas which I remember from the Beatles. So “Please Please Me” is very much influenced by that and on some occasions I might start by finding something at the record shop, or even a friend who is listening with me.

Do you pick your records based on your favourite Beatles songs?

I always think of an album as having a “theme”. So if I had to pick a favourite Beatles album, I think that is probably it – they are all so amazing. And I try and think about them as a whole. It does not matter if they are in 4 different bands!

How can people hear more interviews with John Bell and Phil Selway?

They do all their own interview shows. You can also watch these videos on the YouTube channel for John Bell’s website.
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What is the last song John wrote?

“My Heart Will Go On” – with Ringo Starr.

How close was Ringo to writing all those songs?

I would say it was more closely related to Paul than to John. Ringo wrote “My Heart Will Go On” with the intent of making it an instrumental song

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