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The most sold guitar is the Stratocaster from the mid-70s. The average buyer of one would be just under $200,000. That’s less than the average house. Is there a reason it is a sold guitar? There is no reason! What am I buying? Well, what’s the guitar for? It’s a guitar! It’s a good sound! If I’m looking to buy a guitar, I’m buying one of these. What’s the deal with the case? What is the deal with the case? Well, the case does contain the guitar, so the guitar can live a long, long, long time. What’s the deal with the neck? It’s good. What kind of guitar are you looking for? Well, all of the models in the catalog are really nice guitars. If you’re looking for a certain style of guitar, a certain string gauge-the kind of thing you would find on the ’50s B-3, for example-the most common guitar is the Stratocaster, so you would probably pick up a Stratocaster with that neck. If you want something more out of the ordinary, you might want a Fender Stratocaster. Which of these guitars would you buy? Well, obviously, these are the most popular models. Most guitar buyers would say these are “best of the best.” But obviously, the more you buy, the higher the selling price per guitar. Why are the prices different? So, for example, the case of the Stratocaster, and you can guess the same for the Fender Stratocaster, this is the case that contains the guitar, so the price of the guitar goes up when you sell it? That’s right. The Fender Stratocaster is a very rare-looking model that’s probably worth, if you have one, about two or three times its original price, so it has the potential to go up substantially if you decide to sell it. The other models might be as well. What’s so special about the Stratocaster model? This is an “extra” model, and there are three of them. The Stratocaster has a rosewood fingerboard. It looks and feels just like a guitar but it has a slightly different construction. This new model, the Stratocaster SE, has added “birch” strings, which are actually “hammered” into the new body. It has new saddle wood. This new model features a different headstock, which looks a lot
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