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The most sold instrument in the world is probably, without a shadow of a doubt, the Gibson Les Paul. I was very much an Eddie Van Halen-obsessive throughout high school and college, and the Les Paul remains one of my most cherished possessions!

Which of your favorites has the most lasting effects?
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I am a huge fan of the Gibson ES-335. As a teenager, it was one of my favorite guitars to play. When I was 23, a new ES-335 was introduced to the market, and to my surprise, the guitar had completely changed the course of my life. No longer could I count on a Stratocaster or a Telecaster to provide me with some of my most satisfying and satisfying guitar solos — the ES335 was my instrument of choice for the longest time. Since I have kept my ES-335 faithfully in my playing bag, I find its tone to be very satisfying. The Gibson SG is one of Eddie Van Halen’s most iconic and famous guitars and I am a huge fan of the SG’s tone.

Which of your favorite guitars are a favorite for you?

The Gibson SG is definitely one of my favorite guitars. It is a solid, solid guitar, in a great package.

Does Eddie Van Halen enjoy playing other guitar manufacturers’ products?

There are many other guitar makers out there that I can’t stand. They make poor choices and are inferior in every way to the Gibson SG. My first Gibson Les Paul was a favorite of mine and I love my ES-335 — but, if I was to play a different signature SG, it would be the Gibson ES-335 — the best of the best.

Does Eddie Van Halen play in one- or two-piece Gibson SG’s?

I can’t really choose one over the other because I play each one so well.

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