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The most sold guitar is actually a Yamaha P-Raptor. If that doesn’t sell it, what will?

Yes, of course this is actually a question we asked the Guitar Center. So here we go. If we had to bet, I’d put money on a Yamaha. The price is right, the color is gorgeous, and it’s one of the first ever true “big” guitars to enter this market. For those wanting a fast, but not really powerful guitar, you could always pick up the Fender Telecaster. However, after trying a lot of guitars, and having a lot of fun along the way, this is my favorite. It’s not a “big” guitar, but it has a little personality that makes it unique. The fact that most of its competitors had to settle for the “big” Gibson is just one more reminder of just how good this little guitar was, and how “one of a kind” it is.

And finally… the most popular guitar of all time…
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If you want the most popular guitar of all time, the Fender Stratocaster, we’ll come to that in a minute. The Strat is probably the most widely available guitar in the world, and it was one of the first guitar models to come out under Gibson, who were known for building quality guitars at a great price tag. There is little doubt about the Strat’s popularity, and no doubt that it remains the most popular guitar around. When it was first introduced, in 1958, it was the first time that people were actually able to buy a Strat at the manufacturer’s store in the US. In fact, the entire model’s story has been told at the Stratocaster Fan Club’s annual gala on March 11th in New York City. So if you want to know who was the first American guitar to be sold in a store in America, the answer is a clear winner.

Let me know in the comments if you had any other favorites at the time.

What are the best guitars for beginners? Why?

We went back and forth on this one. The first guitar that we saw for sale at our store, I think, was a Gibson Les Paul, a Gibson Deluxe Reverb. It’s hard to explain how that became our favorite guitar, but it was the perfect starting point. We knew right then that a guitar must be great for beginners.

On that note, what are the best guitars for advanced players? Why?

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